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Solution Units Allow You to Generate Green Power Daily


Each day people do different things and spend a lot of energy. Some part of that energy could be gathered and then used to power various devices.

With this principle in mind designers Choi Hyung-Suk and Yun Jung-Sik decided to develop devices that anyone could wear on their wrist, hands and/or fingers. Their invention collects green energy that can be later used to power other devices.

The designers called their gadgets Solution Units. Each of these units features a battery that stores energy. Then the user can remove the battery and use it to power mobile phones and/or MP3 players.

When you're at home you can insert the battery units in the so-called Application Built-in Type so they would accumulate and supply power. Users can also make use of the Application Portable Type, which collects energy when they perform heavy-duty stuff, like cycling.

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