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Sony Reaches Agreement with Google to Offer EBooks and Challenge Amazon Kindle


By reaching an agreement with the number one search engine Google, Sony Corp. managed to gain access to over 500,000 electronic book titles that will be included in the company's digital book readers. The partnership between the two giants has the goal of challenging the domination of the popular digital book reader Kindle from

The agreement will expand the Japanese company's eBook store by over 600,000 titles which can definitely compete with 245,000 books currently available at Kindle store.

Amazon's Kindle was launched in 2007 and in about a year the gadget's popularity reached impressive heights, pushing Sony Chief Executive Howard Stringer to look for partnership with Google. It is worth mentioning that Sony launched its first digital reader before The device was dubbed Librie and it was presented in April 2004. After a while the company decided to discontinue the device's production after being unsuccessful in attracting the demand for the gadget.

In February the largest Internet retailer presented its new version of Kindle. The new Kindle 2 is able to hold over 1,500 book titles and run on a single battery charge for a week. Its price is $359. In 2008 on her talk-show Oprah Winfrey called Kindle her "favorite new gadget", which certainly boosted the sales of the gadget.

It is expected that the revenue from Amazon's gadget will reach $256 million and by 2012 it will hit $1.6 billion. The prognosis was made by Sandeep Aggarwal, an analyst from San Francisco-based Collins Stewart.

The second largest developer of consumer electronics, Sony, stated that it recently started selling its digital book reader, dubbed PRS-700, for $350 apiece. The company's new device will complement Sony's $300 PRS-505 digital book reader. A company's statement says that one can read 7,500 pages continuously on a single battery charge.

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