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Sony Unveils its New PSP Go Hand-held Gaming Console


Recently the Japanese giant Sony presented its new line of Playstation Portable gadgets, dubbed PSP Go. The move is expected to increase the share of Sony in the mobile game field, which is currently dominated by Nintendo.

PSP Go will hit the stores in North American and Europe on October 1 and will be available for $249 and 249 Euros respectively. April will see the launch of the device in Japan. According to the company's executives, who presented the gadget at Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) conference, PSP Go will be half the size of the company's PSP 3000. Besides, it will be 40 percent lighter than the current gadget.

Sony Computer Entertainment president Kaz Hirai stated that the new console allows users to download and store videos, images and games. In addition, the PSP Go boasts built-in wireless Internet and Bluetooth features. The gadget will also include a Sense Me feature that analyzes music stored in the device and then creates playlists according to users' moods.

The company looks forward to sell 15 million units of its new device during the financial year to March.

It is worth mentioning that the gaming console from Nintendo, along with the company's hand-held devices registered impressive sales, greatly outpacing its rival Sony. Over 800,000 units of Nintendo's DSi were sold in April, after being launched on April 5, 2009. The total sales of DS franchise reach over 1 million units.

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