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South Korea Has the Highest Number of Households With Fast Internet Connection


South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan are featured in the top 5 on the list that includes countries with the highest number of households with fast Internet connection. The survey, carried out by Strategy Analytics, a company based in Boston, shows the United States ranked 20th with 60 percent of households having broadband Internet access.

Experts at Strategy Analytics analyzed 58 countries. The company predicted that by 2013 the broadband subscriber base in Asian countries will increase on average by 15 percent each year.

Experts believe that South Korea tops the list due to a huge percentage of urbanized population and a broadband policy that is supported by the government. Here is the list of the top 10 (the percentage shows the household broadband penetration):

1. South Korea (95 percent)

2. Singapore (88 percent)

3. Netherlands (85 percent)

4. Denmark (82 percent)

5. Taiwan (81 percent)

6. Hong Kong (81 percent)

7. Israel (77 percent)

8. Switzerland (76 percent)

9. Canada (76 percent)

10. Norway (75 percent).

The list continues with Australia ranked 11th having 72 percent of broadband penetration. It is worth mentioning that a lot of Asian countries made it to the top 100, including Japan 16th (64 percent), China 43rd (21 percent) followed by Malaysia 44th (21 percent), Thailand 51st (7 percent), Vietnam 52nd (7 percent), the Philippines 53rd (5 percent), India 57th (2 percent) and Indonesia 58th (1 percent).

Specialists at Strategy Analytics mentioned that their broadband penetration calculations have been a subject of debate, because there were arguments whether to make measurements by household or per capita.

Ben Piper, a Strategy Analytics analyst said: "Residential broadband is overwhelmingly consumed on a household basis - not individually". He added that estimating broadband penetration on a per capita basis can generate false results.

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