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Storm virus attacks blogs


Storm virus is back again to infect blogs, webmails and bulletin boards. British and Korean computer security scientists claim it's a new variant of malware that is extremely difficult to detect.

The Storm worm looks like a message that features news about Europe's storms. In fact, this virus can evaluate network traffic on the computer and later insert a link to malicious website into user's post, webmail or bulletin board. The text that will appear on user's blog will have a link to the website that holds the threat together with a note to attract readers' attention to visit a website with fun videos or e-card.

British computer security experts say Storm worm makes up more than 50 percent of all malicious computer software that infects another computer and can use personal data of the user sending it to third parties.

Storm virus presents a real danger as it interferes in social networks. A lot of people who visit blog journals are not aware of the threat that may come from the common discussion on related topics with the author they trust. A link that will appear in blog's author site will lure them to check out an interesting video.

One of Symantec engineers, Eric Chien, said that some bulletin boards were already spammed. The threat of the Storm worm is that it can mask spam under a real user's post.

Anti-virus programs are not always effective at detecting the dangerous malware as this virus is dynamically repackaged and is able to change its appearance and mislead anti-virus solutions.

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