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Student Builds Detailed Prosthetic Arm Using LEGO Parts


One of the most advanced devices made from LEGO Technics is this incredibly complex prosthetic arm made by student Max Shepherd.

The LEGO limb makes use of LEGO motors, pneumatics and traditional blocks. The developer made everything in detail so his creation could replicate human movement with all its complexity.

Shepherd describes his work as just something cool. In his video, the student demonstrates the 12 degrees of the arm's freedom.

Due to some limitations, the arm cannot be put into practical use. One of the limitations is the inability to lift more than a few pounds, despite the fact that it boasts several switches, joysticks, a compressor and hand pumps that allow moving the fingers. Nevertheless it is a great project that shows the insatiable possibilities of LEGO.

Check out the video to see the LEGO limb in action.

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