Thursday, 19 May, 2011 Technology

Students from California Create Orchestra Composed of Robots


Students from California Institute of the Arts, found near LA, managed to develop robots that can play music. They called their invention KarmetiK Machine Orchestra.

In order to develop the "orchestra" students used leftover materials and traditional instruments.

The new orchestra can also boast some new instruments like for example NotomotoN, a dual-head drum that has 12 beaters.

The students' goal was to combine human musicians and robots so they could perform a concert together at the school's Walt Disney Modular Theater.

To make it possible for the machines to play different musical compositions, students had to write a special open-source code.

For instance, they built a bot with an old swivel chair, a series of small abandoned bells and some things that resemble old plumbing fixtures. All of this was made with the goal of having an advanced orchestra with animation.

Check out the video to see the robotic orchestra in action.

More information is available here.

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