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Submarine Turned Into World's First Underwater Bar


Jump Studios is a design practice with headquarters in London. The studio was commissioned to create a sea bar from an obsolete submarine. The project was meant to mark the 250th anniversary of Guinness.

Together with the famous carpenter and engineer Nicholas Alexander, the designer followed strict rules linked with marine construction. The first step involved measuring the submarine located in Sweden's Stockholm Archipelago.

Then the team started prefabricating the interior shell of the bar. The work took place at the London studio that belongs to Alexander. Designers then brought together the parts in sub-zero temperatures prior to sinking the construction to the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

To make the bar look alive with bubbles, designers though of enriching the interior with remarkable glass reinforced plastic material which was wrapped in rubber discs. A number of discs were equipped with LEDs. The remained discs were used to hold beverages.

It would be interesting to note that Jump Studios managed to create the world's first (and so far the only) deep sea bar.

[via Arch Daily]

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