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Success Story: Wristbands for Apple's Nano Raise $1 Million


This is the success story of Scott Wilson and his LunaTik and TikTok wristbands which he placed on a funding website after being rejected by others.

The two inventions became popular among a lot of users due to their unique feature - the ability to transform the Nano into a timepiece.

In just one month after placing the devices on Kickstarter the inventor managed to raise $1 million from 13,500 backers, which instantly became the website's record.

Among the numerous retailers that became interested in the two gadgets was Apple, which recently rolled out the wristbands in its US stores.

It would be interesting to note that before using Kickstarter, no one paid attention to Wilson's devices. "I bounced it off of different contacts at different retail channels, and they all decided that it needed to be in that $34.95 to $35.95 sweet spot," said Wilson.

But operation with the funding site proved them all wrong. The most popular of his devices, however, became the $79.95 LunaTiks, the bands that boast a premium aluminum case. These wristbands were twice as popular as the $39.95 TikToks, which were made of plastic.

Later Wilson added a black wristband available for $89 and it became even more popular that the previous two put together. Wilson managed to sell 21,120 units on Kickstarter and then 20,000 more via This is when his devices caught the attention of Apple.

One more interesting thing in this story was when Wilson conducted a survey in which he asked backers how many of them acquired the Nano because of the watchband. He discovered that 76 percent of them, reports FastCoDesign. Most consumers said that the Nano was cool, but, after the launch of the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad, it went into shadow.

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