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Suspect Flu? Use Your Cell!


Scientists are about to come up with one of the most useful inventions – a flu detector incorporated into a mobile phone.

It's been a routine for centuries – to detect respiratory diseases, ranging from cold to pneumonia, doctors initially had to listen to a patient's cough.

The distinctions between casual and disease-provoked cough are known quite well. This made American and Australian researchers think whether it's possible to create special software that would be able to diagnose unhealthy cough by comparing a recording of a particular cough with a database of various coughs.

To compile the database scientists will need to collect over 1000 samples of different coughs from people of different sex, age, and state of health.

One of the most useful inventions might be installed on mobile phones, making people aware of whether they need treatment instantly – the only thing they'll need to do would be coughing into the mic incorporated in their phone. That can save a great deal of time that is usually spent to consult a doctor.

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//2 Dec 06, 2009 05:22 PM | posted by: Techno_Girl [InfoWILD]
Games, news, texting, email, internet, camera, weather, maps, and so many more cool additions to cell phones have been made in the past. Although these additions have been very useful and entertaining, I feel that a flu-detector is by far the most astonishing, and life-saving addition to cell phones.
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//1 Nov 17, 2009 10:49 PM | posted by: Matin
thats cool

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