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Synergy Hopes to Bring Its Futuristic Fuel-Efficient Aircraft to Life


Synergy designed an aircraft concept that, according to the company, is 10 times more efficient and 10 percent less costly than its counterparts.

The project was meant to remain that way until its fans made the company to reconsider its decision. Now Synergy is just $65,000 away from turning its dream into reality. This money will be enough to take the project to its final phase.

The most eye-catching feature from the concept is its double-box wing and tail. The design looks futuristic and very nice, and according to the developers of the project, the body of the aircraft and its wing will lead to a dramatic decrease in drag, which in its turn will allow the plane to register 10 percent fuel economy.

Will all of its features, Synergy, if built, will become a quit, spacey (for a small plane) and safe jet that is also cheaper and faster.

Currently the company managed to create a 25% scale flying model. In order to build a full scale plane they require funding.

[via Synergy Project]

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