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System That Allows Searching for Data on an Object By Looking at It


If you like this invention you can vote for it hereScientists from The Telecommunications Research Center in Vienna came up with an idea of using an eye tracker designed for Web-use analysis on the street to surf through urban landscapes.

They connected the device to a smartphone that features a built-in compass and GPS (to identify the position of the user). The device features two cameras - one that is trained on a person's eye and another one on the view that is being observed. In addition, researchers installed sensors that identify whether the user is looking up or down. The whole kit was then mounted on a bicycle helmet.

When the wearer of the helmet closes his/her eyes for two seconds, the device starts searching for information on the building or monument that the users faces. The system accesses the computer remotely and searches for geo-referenced databases like Google Earth. After the scan, the obtained information is transferred to the user's smartphone, informs Physorg.

"We wanted to make the system as non-intrusive as possible, so we used a text-to-speech engine. Data is received through an ear piece. It should be like a sixth sense," mentioned Matthias Baldauf, one of the members of the research team.

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Can we use this for the our PC. And one thing insted of helmet just use the sun-glasses

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