Thursday, 18 Mar, 2010 Technology

System That Uses Augmented Reality to Keep Drivers Informed and Ensure a Safer Ride


General Motors teamed up with Carnegie-Mellon and the University of Southern California to create a system that makes use of augmented reality to offer drivers a more informative and safer ride in rough conditions.

The new system features cameras and vehicle sensors that collect data and display the necessary information onto a phosphor-coated windshield with the help of ultraviolet lasers. For instance, if a person drives a car in foggy weather, the system will light up a line displaying the edge of the road, or underline pedestrians, road signs etc.

The new head-up display will make use of the OpelEye technology developed by General Motors, informs Autoblog. The technology warns the driver every time the speed limit is exceeded. It is possible that the system will be used in the near future.

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