Thursday, 10 Dec, 2009 Technology

Talking Toilet on Display in Japan


It seems that the Japanese will never stop amazing the world. Recently a company named Toto, a famous Japanese toilet developer, presented its new model called Neo, which is a toilet that can talk.

The new toilet features a robotic lid that was adjusted to move in time with the voice. The company's latest Tototalk campaign is currently promoting Neo 2, which is a prototype toilet that can be observed in the Caretta Shiodome mall, located in downtown Tokyo.

The prototype model was developed to offer virtually any function that one can think of. It includes over 10 buttons that allow the toilet to tell jokes, give information on weather or show an outsize bum scrubber, reports CNET news. One can control all of these functions through a real-time Web link and Webcam at the Tototalk website.

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