Wednesday, 21 Sep, 2011 Technology

TankBot - Toy Tank Controlled using Handsets Running Android and iOS Launched


Earlier this week the small four-wheel robots from Desk Pets were presented at the International Toy Fair. The company said that its new robotic toys offer several play modes and can be controlled using iOS controls.

Recently the firm has launched its robots onto the market, equipping each with a price tag of $25. In addition, Desk Pets made the robots compatible with devices running Android.

Each robot has three configurations. It can run in autonomous mode in which the toy uses its infrared sensors to dodge obstacles. The second mode is free-roaming in which the toy will drive aimlessly and the last mode allows users to control the robot using their handsets.

The third mode is possible on an Apple gadget thanks to a free mobile application that makes a virtual dual joystick appear on the screen. Android devices are used as or universal remote controls (connected through headphone jack) to control the TankBot.

The toys can be charged via USB. Watch the video below to see the robots in action.

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