Thursday, 20 Jan, 2011 Technology

TankBot - World's First Micro-Robotic Toy Controlled With iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch


Desk Pets International (HK) Limited, the manufacturer of micro-robotic toys, will soon unveil the TankBot. The new toy is expected to appear at the 2011 Toy Fair that will take place in New York City between February 13 and 16.

The world's first micro-robotic toy that costs under $20 can be controlled with the help of an iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

The toy has 3 modes for navigation, roaming and clearing obstacles. There will be no need to buy new batteries, since the TankBot features a built-in USB charger.

To use the toy it is simply required to plug it into the headphone jack of the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. It can be moves forward, backward and sideways using Apple's accelerometer technology.

If the autonomous mode is activated the toy can travel around a give area avoiding obstacles and interacting with the user's movements by itself. This became possible thanks to the incorporated infrared sensors, reports Swiftpage3.

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