Wednesday, 14 Jul, 2010 Technology

Taranis - World's First Self-Thinking Unmanned Stealth Aircraft


The world's largest defense contractor, BAE Systems, which also focuses on security and aerospace, has presented its semi-autonomous unmanned stealth aircraft called Taranis.

Using this new-gen aircraft it would be possible to bring cargo to the enemy's territory without notice and without any pilot. But the most interesting feature is that Taranis can think for itself.

The presentation of the aircraft took place in the U.K. where Taranis joined a number of other stealth unmanned aircrafts that are currently in the development stage.

It is worth mentioning that the unmanned stealth aircraft represents a part of the British initiative for the Ministry of Defense.

Some special equipment for the aircraft has not been developed yet and the first prototype will not carry weapons, but it will include two weapon bays, informs Jalopnik.

"Should such systems enter into service, they will at all times be under the control of highly trained military crews on the ground," stated the British defense contractor.

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