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TDK Presents 1 Terabyte Optical Disc


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This year, the annual tradeshow and the largest IT and electronics exhibition in Japan, CEATEC, witnessed a number of very interesting devices. One of them is a sleek optical disk from TDK.

The disk unveiled at the 2010 Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies boasts a capacity of 1 terabyte.

According to Tetsuo Nozawa of Nikkei Electronics, the company was able to create the disk with such a capacity by forming 16 recording layers, each having a capacity of 32GB on both sides.

Nozawa mentioned that TDK created a disk using a material with a high light transmittance. One layer has a light transmittance of 95.1 percent, while the entire disk has a light transmittance of 72.6 percent.

"The material has already been used for part of a Blu-ray disc - and it does not have a problem of durability," said Nozawa.

The new disk from TDK could be used for various applications like home-use recordings, backups and broadcasting, informs TGDaily.

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