Thursday, 30 Sep, 2010 Technology

Team Makes NASA Sensetta Rover Controlled Using Google Nexus One


A group of volunteers managed to combine Google Nexus One smartphone, a Sensetta rover and a Bluetooth-controlled Arduino "breakout" board. They also used a custom scripted Google Android application.

According to the coordinator of the project Matthew Reyes of NASA's Ames Research Center, by using the Android-Arduino combination, researchers managed to decrease weigh and lower the amount of energy consumed.

At the same time the removal of the Max Kernel computer and router leads to an improved maneuverability.

Researchers worked 10 days on the project, spending most of their time in the N226 NASA Open Lab.

The group of volunteers and participants in the project includes: Andy Boyett, Andy Lee, David Lehrberg, Paul Mans, NASA Contractor Geoff Chu, the Droidcopter/AndroidSat teams and Google's "Uber-Dogfooder" Ryan Hickman.

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