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Team of Robots Footballers Played a Match at World's Biggest High-Tech Fair


At CeBIT, the world's largest high-tech fair that is currently taking place in Hanover, Germany, visitors were able to witness a football game played by four robots named Rajesh, Penny, Sheldon and Leonard.

The four white machines are part of a team that won the Robot Football World Cup in Austria last year. Each robot is about 60cm (23 inches) tall. It is worth mentioning that these robots were created by the B-Human team, part of the University of Bremen.

Wiebke Sauerland, who is one of the team members, explained that the football robots make use of color and line recognition in order to be able to identify the orange ball, the green pitch and the yellow and blue goals, informs

The robots can identify their exact location and adjust their motions towards the ball by keeping track of the white lines on the pitch. As soon as they sense they're close to the ball, the robots kick it out towards the goal. One can purchase such robot for 10,000 euros ($13,500).

The 2010 Robot Football World Cup will take place in Singapore on June 19 and the German team is getting ready for the event. However, the team demonstrated their robots not just for fun - the line recognition technology can be applied in wheelchairs which could identify the exact location if a person with physical disabilities faces certain difficulties.

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