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Technology that Shows Interactions of Scientists Around the Globe


The technology unveiled by Moritz Stefaner graphically illustrates how different research institutions around the globe interact with each other. It allows the viewer to get a better understanding of how inventions are created by showing the collaborations between scientists working in various fields.

For the project, elaborated with help from agency onformative's Christopher Warnow, Stefaner collected data from SciVerse Scopus, a database that includes over 94,000 research articles published in the last decade. This information allows the invention to unveil the scientific partnership worldwide.

Specifically the infographic illustrates how Max Planck Institutes (MPI), a network composed of about 80 influential research organizations collaborate with each other and global powerhouses, such as Harvard and UC Berkeley. In short - it is a map of global stream of ideas.

The viewer can observe, for instance, evolutionary anthropologists collaborating with psycholinguists, molecular biologists and brain researchers. It is also possible to observe the interconnectedness between chemists and meteorologists.

Everything can be seen on a touchscreen mounted at the Max Planck Science Gallery, an exhibition space that opened in Berlin, reports FastCoDesign.

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