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Teknibank - Lightweight, Mobile and Easy-to-assemble Bank


Yoann Henry Yvon visualized a mobile bank that would be able to follow its clientele and not stand in one place like all the other banks. Teknibank represents a concept that is meant to considerably increase bank services.

The creation of Yoann Henry Yvon has a prefabricated 28-square-meter mobile kiosk built on acrylic colored plates that serves as a drive cashier for fast service. Inside, the bank has a reception desk and a number of small seats mounted in the waiting room.

The Teknibank offers the same services as a traditional bank. However, it can also move a cashier within city limits, thus being able to offer easy and prompt service to its clients. The bank features glass panels and aluminum plates. Besides being lightweight and mobile, the bank can also be easily assembled in about 48 hours.

The building illuminates in the dark, which not only makes it more useful but more attractive and stylish as well.

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