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Ten Terabytes Ultra-DVDs on Sale in 5 Years


Scientists claim that new generation data discs could be available in just five years, being able to store over 2,000 movies on one disc. They say that these discs could lead to the development of 3D TV and ultra-high definition viewing.

The new discs have the same size and thickness as traditional DVDs. To be able to store a huge amount of information they use nano-technology. Scientists believe the ultra-DVDs will revolutionize the way people store data. They carried out their research in Melbourne, Australia. The lead researcher Min Gu, looks forward to produce discs that will be able to contain the amount of data that can be stored on 200,000 DVDs.

"We were able to show how nano-structured material can be incorporated on to a disc to increase data capacity without increasing the size of the disc," said Gu. Currently a DVD disc can include up to 8.5 GB of data. Blu-ray discs, developed to replace DVDs, can store up to 50 GB, which are enough for an HD movie and several additional features. However, ultra-DVDs will have the capacity of 10 terabytes or 10,000GB.

A traditional DVD disc records information as digital code that consists of a series of ones and zeroes. This digital code is written as a series of pits found under the clear surface of the disc. In most cases DVDs have two layers of data, one layer being on top of another. The laser from a DVD player reads the first layer, and then adjusts its focus to read the second layer.

The new discs will store data using 2 extra "dimensions", and namely the color of light and the direction of light waves.

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