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Thames Was Caught in the Net... a Wi-Fi Net


From now on the river Thames is not only one of the symbols of London, but also a wireless connection to the Internet. Thames has become a Wi-Fi center for surfing the web and every person, having a habit of walking along the river will not lose connection to the cyber world for a single minute.

The Wi-Fi network was stretched for 22 km (i.e. about 13.64 miles) from the Millenium Dome in Greenwich to Millbank. The net is to be enlarged within the next two months. The Wi-Fi Internet connection service, called Thames Online, includes 100 access points, which take care of people not losing connection with the Internet, while walking along the river.

The Thames online service could be available to everyone, having a Wi-Fi device and paying $5.79 per hour of use, or $11.68 per day. A monthly access, however, would cost only $19.53.

The network was build using the most technically advanced equipment from world leaders, such as codeCreation and Meshopper Wi-Fi Networks. The access points were installed by Proxim Wireless.

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