Thursday, 30 Aug, 2012 Technology

The Bomber - New-Gen Electric Bike


The UK's Steal Electric Bikes has recently presented its latest creation called the Bomber, which represents a silent and eco-friendly mean of transportation.

The stealthy bike is powered by 4.5kW electric engine and can reach a top speed of 50 miles per hour. In addition, the bike has pedals so that the rider could generate extra power.

The company says that pedal power is sent through a unique nine-speed sequential gearbox. The Stealth Bomber is also equipped with progressive 6- or 8-pot hydraulic disc brakes.

It would be interesting to note that the front suspension features 7 conventional dual crown forks that ensure a smooth ride on an uneven terrain. These forks can be adjusted for different terrains with just an easy turn of a dial.

The back of the bike is equipped with a single spiral found over mono-shock rear suspension. It is custom valved to smooth over the back breaking bumps found at the back.

[via Stealth Electric Bikes]

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