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The BOXX - Compact Scooter that Turns Into a Small, Stylish Box


This original electric scooter was create was developed with the goal of allowing the rider not only to enjoy an eco-friendly ride in a car-stuffed environment but also store the vehicle virtually anywhere as the scooter can collapse down into a small box.

Dubbed the BOXX, this scooter is about a meter long and just as tall, weighting only 120 pounds. In addition, it allows the rider to carry one passenger (up to 300 pounds) at a top speed of 35mph.

One a single charge, the vehicle can travel up to 80 miles. It would be worth mentioning that the scooter can be easily charged using a standard household outlet.

In addition, the BOXX boasts drive-by-wire controls, all-wheel drive, traction control, anti-lock brakes and LED lights. Besides, the driver can opt for a seat warmer.

It is possible to select the electric scooter in various neon colors that make the vehicle very trendy. The price tag worn by this beautiful BOXX reads $3,995.

[via Technabob]

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