Monday, 01 Mar, 2010 Technology

The Helping Hand Uses Brain Power to Move a Paralyzed Limb


Designed by Joseph Cooper, this helping hand concept is meant to restore the functionality of the paralyzed upper limb of a person who suffered a stroke.

When the person wears the device, he or she can control the motionless limb, using it to do various tasks like holding different objects, dressing and writing.

The person can control the helping had by sending signals from the brain via a neuro-implant. Thus, by just thinking of any action, a person can move the arms and fingers.

More natural movements of the helping hand are obtained thanks to the electroactive polymer joints. The device features special straps that take their positions automatically after the user turns the hand on. The helping hand is designed in a way to allow the user to easily put it on and take it off with only one hand.

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