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The iPad Wall - Apple's Tablet Used to Design Interior


ClarkeHopkinsClarke, an architectural firm based in Melbourne decided to make the "iPad Wall" which represents a wall consisting of hundreds of iPads. The company says that Apple's tablet could be used for designing interiors.

By using the advantages of the iPad it would be possible to create a wide range of designs and use the wall for a myriad of purposes, unlike the traditional television walls. The devices on the wall are connected using tiny connectors, thus the wiring is nearly invisible.

The Australian firm also decided to use recycled/refurbished iPads for their design, showing that they are eco-friendly as well. Besides, such devices have a lower cost. The wall is expected to last for many years, due to the advanced technology used in the iPad. In addition, the iPads are much easier to install than traditional tiles.

By making use of the customizable apps and incorporated features, the iPad Wall has millions of possibilities - interchangeable wallpaper pattern and video, for instance. You can also create a huge jigsaw, digital graffiti and interactive speaker wall.

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