Tuesday, 06 Oct, 2009 Technology

The Largest Solar-Powered Bridge Built in Brisbane


Yesterday in Brisbane people had the possibility to witness the official opening of the biggest solar-powered footbridge in the world. The $63 million construction is called Kurilpa Bridge and according to some estimation around 36,500 people would walk the bridge each week.

The Kurilpa Bridge is 470 meters long and a total of 1050 people were involved in the project. The construction spans over the Brisbane River, featuring a complex LED lighting scheme which can be programmed to create a wide gamma of lighting effects.

Besides, the lighting system will be energy-saving, powered by 84 solar panels that together produce about 100KWh each day and 38MWh a year. About 75 percent of power needed to run the LED system in the fully lit mode will be produced by solar energy. However, in the majority of lighting configurations, 100 percent of required power will be produced using solar panels. Additional electricity will be returned to the construction's main grid. More images are available here.

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