Thursday, 22 Apr, 2010 Technology

The Navy to Test First Eco-Friendly Supersonic Aircraft


Green Hornet is an eco-friendly jet developed for the Navy. It is expected to perform its first test flight on Earth Day (April 22) and the goal is to break the speed of sound.

The F/A-18 represents a twin-engine aircraft that runs on biofuel, with its tanks filled 50% with oil that was refined from the crushed seeds taken from the flowering Camelina sativa plant.

The jet's test flight, which will be carried out at the Naval Air Station at Patuxent River, Maryland, is expected to be an important step for the Navy, which looks forward to lower its dependability on petroleum. Besides, Green Hornet's flight is meant to demonstrate that Pentagon is going to pay more attention to making use of renewable energy.

It is worth mentioning that the Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus announced that by 2020 about 50 percent of energy will come from alternative sources. By 2016 the Navy will have a Great Green Fleet consisting of nuclear ships and biofuel-powered aircrafts. More information is available at National Geographic.

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