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The New Soul - Recyclable, Energy-Saving Futuristic PC


No keyboard, no mouse and a very low energy usage - these are the features of a futuristic PC concept dubbed the "New Soul."

The author of this concept is Xi Chen, whose goal was to design a computer that would use projection technology combined with communication server technology to cut the level of power consumption.

The New Soul resembles a lamp post, being slim, sleek and having an appearance that has nothing in common with PCs we see everyday.

By making use of a VGA display projector and a laser projection that creates a keyboard in thin air, Chen's device can build a computer wherever you are.

The New Soul also features a built-in web camera. In addition, the roll over button allows you to save a lot of energy by instantly putting the machine in "hibernate" mode.

It would be interesting to note that the system itself is made of recyclable materials, thus being a perfect device of environmentally-conscious users.

[via Create the Future Contest]

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