Tuesday, 20 Apr, 2010 Technology

The Page - Semi-Transparent E-reader Concept


By mixing print and online newspaper, Jae Kim managed to design a new device, which gives a more accurate and easy-to-use way of interaction with newspapers in digital context.

The designer named his concept The Page. His e-reader features a semi-transparent screen that offers a clearer illustration of the paper's content, including text and pictures.

The e-reader folds almost like a tradition newspaper, which means that one can easily take the device anywhere, comfortably storing it in a pocket or case. It is also worth mentioning that The Page has a flexible grid system that allows surfing through the content in a broader way. More images are available here.

Besides, the content of the newspaper can be easily changed, making the user get the feeling of Internet browsing. To get a better understanding of the device check out the video below.


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