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The Puffin - Super Quiet, All-Electric Jet from NASA


The Puffin is a personal aircraft that NASA is now working on. It represents an all-electric jet that has space for one person and which has the potential of becoming a popular product in the field of air travel technology.

The aircraft features 2 prop electric engines and lithium phosphate batteries. Being able to reach a speed of 300mph while registering a very low noise level and heat signature (compared to combustion engines), it was initially designed for secret military operations. The noise level is 10 times lower compared to special low noise helicopters.

The aircraft performs a vertical take off, standing on its four expandable legs. When the propeller rotors start spinning the jet takes off and then leans forward to start speeding up in horizontal position. As you can see in the image, the pilot operates the jet in lying position.

The aircraft received the name Puffin due to its resemblance to the bird. Since this jet uses electric motors it is eco-friendly. In addition, using its electric engine, Puffin can go up to 9,150 meters. Currently the major disadvantage of the aircraft is the low battery capacity - on a full charge Puffin can fly about 80km. For more information click here.

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