Monday, 26 Oct, 2009 Technology

The Saucer - Sleep While You Drive


The designer of this incredible concept thought that it would be quite comfortable to take a nap every so often while you drive. The Saucer represents the designer's vision of a futuristic car with a bed.

It is worth mentioning that the new vehicle is a modular self-driven car with one bed. It makes it possible for the driver to sleep in peace while the car drives to a specific destination on its own.

The main idea behind the concept is to help those, who drive long distances. The interior is soundproof and it includes different programming consoles developed to allow the car drive by itself. The designer of this vehicle is John Bukasa.

The back of the vehicle has enough space for luggage. If the driver is not sleeping, there is enough space to lie comfortably and enjoy music or read a newspaper. This is a truly interesting concept that might be brought to life in the near future.

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