Friday, 26 Mar, 2010 Technology

The World's Most Rugged Ultra-Portable Mobile PC


A company called Logic Instruments came up with what it claims to be the most rugged mobile PC in the world. The firm's device is called FieldBook and it represents a customizable computer that can be purchased on Logic Instrument's Web site.

The FieldBook has a number of useful features that prove the company's claim. You can easily read the content in sunlight, the device works perfectly in temperatures that rang between -4F and 131F, and it also boasts an ergonomic design.

In addition, the FieldBook is shock, drop, and vibration resistant. Weighting 2.8 pounds, the device can resist a 4-foot drop. It also features G-Sensor protection.

The heart of this mobile PC is a 1.6 GHz Intel Atom processor. The FieldBook has a built-in a/b/g/n WLAN, Bluetooth connectivity, integrated GPS plus a 2Mpx Web cam.

The company markets its product as an ideal tool for enterprise clients who can use the FieldBook to gather barcode and RFID data on the go, get orders via Wi-Fi, and track and/or submit current location.

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