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TheO Ball - Play Physical Games Using Your Smartphone


This device, called TheO was created to hold your smartphone safely inside a smooth sphere. This allows the user to play different games physical games with friends by throwing the handset around without having to worry that it'll break.

The idea was brought to life by PhysicalApps that wanted to make owners of smartphones to move instead of sitting while playing different games on the phone.

Recently the firm presented its invention and a number of games it came up with for it. The presentation took place at the 2012 Toy Fair in NYC.

So far the company has three games: a hot potato game, a bowling app that allows the user to play against people in the same room and online, and Interrogo, a socially interactive game.

It would be interesting to note that TheO can be used by both iPhone and Android users. In theory, it can be used with virtually any handset with a built-in accelerometer.

TheO Ball is expected to be launched onto the market in May and wear a price tag of $24.95. The applications for the ball will be available with prices ranging from $1.99 to $4.99.

[via Physical Apps]

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