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Tiger-Stone - Machine That Makes Brick Roads Instantly


It takes a lot of effort to create brick roads, despite the fact that these look nice and are quite durable.

With the help of a new automatic paver laying machine the labor-intensive work has become more efficient, effective and there's no need to hire a lot of workers.

The Dutch machine is dubbed Tiger-Stone. It builds brick roads by rolling out a nice and sustainable hardscape. The Tiger-Stone is able to create a brick road almost anywhere and much quicker compared to previous methods.

The whole process may seem to be rather complex, nut in reality the secret is hidden in the gravity-based system.

The Tiger-Stone features an angled plain where workers put the paving stones or bricks. When the electric crawler moves slowly forward along a sand base layer, the stones are arranged automatically being helped only by gravity.

The machine is able to lay out about 400 meters of road per day. It can make roads as wide as 6 meters.

It is worth mentioning that bricks roads may soon gain a lot of popularity due to the fact that stones are easy to acquire and reuse, cement pavers boast a longer lifecycle and both the repairing and replacing processes of such roads are easy. Besides, throughout the year these roads do not create cracks, being resistant to water and freezing.

Check out the video below to see the Tiger-Stone in action.

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