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Tokyo Celebrates Firefly Festival by Releasing 100,000 LEDs Into River


In order to celebrate the Hotaru Festival (Firefly Festival) this year, Tokyo decided to release into its river not less than 100,000 glowing blue LEDs.

It is worth mentioning that the Sumida River flows through the center of Japan's capital, and people were able to witness the magical solar powered lights gently flowing across the center of the megapolis. The LEDs were then collected using giant nets so in the future they could be reused.

It would be interesting to note that the lights (also called "Inoroboshi," which translates as "prayer star") glowed so bright that they could be seen even from the sky. The orbs were developed by Panasonic exclusively for the festival.

Each LED was equipped with a HIT photovoltaic cell, a rechargeable battery and an LED chip. When the orb was dropped into the river, a special sensor, located on the bottom, activated the light.

The beautiful picture of lights released into the river was paired with the illumination of Tokyo's new Sky Tree tower. Thus people were able to witness an incredible light show. The Sky Tree tower is expected to be the tallest structure in the world and its official opening is scheduled until May 22.

[via This Is Colossal]

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