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Top 10 Gifts for Audiophiles


For those who enjoy quality music and the stylish hi-tech equipment that generates it we collected ten of the most remarkable devices noticed throughout the year 2011. Enjoy!

Joey Roth Ceramic Speakers

These beautiful speakers are made of porcelain, cork, and birch plywood enclosure on the outside. An audiophile will be able to discover custom-made drivers on the inside of the speakers. It should be mentioned that the drivers are responsible for superior sound quality. There are two versions of Joey Roth Ceramic Speakers: white and black. The first wear a price tag of $495, while the latter cost $360. It may look costly but a unique design and remarkable sound quality make these speakers a gift that is worth its price. More….

Bayan 7 iPhone, iPod Speaker Dock

This year Bayan Audio has presented the Bayan 7 iPhone and iPod speaker dock that features several docking ports found on either side.

Audio is generated through 8-inch bass, 2-inch mid-range drivers and 1-inch wide projection tweeters. The device can produce a total of 120W of audio power. In addition, all Bayan Audio devices are approved with Apple's TDMA Noise Rejection tests. At the back of the dock one may find a media port that makes it possible to connect an iPad and other gadgets using a 3.5mm audio cable and the aux port. The dock measures 45cm x 30cm x 28cm and weighs 6.84 kg. It can be bought from the company's website for GBP299. More…

Klipsch Gallery G-17

This system for officially presented at CES earlier this year. Recently the developer launched it onto the market with a price of $549.99. The most interesting feature of the device is that users can listen to their favorite music from their iDevices wirelessly through AirPlay technology. In addition, the system boasts 4 individually powered drivers, 2 Tractrix-horned 0.76-inch speakers (10W each), and 2 woofers measuring 2.5 inches and being able to generate 20W. The device also includes a USB port and a 3.5mm audio jack. Thus one will be able to connect other devices besides those from Apple. On the side of the speakers there're playback controls, but the developer also equipped the system with a remote control. More…

Trumstand from Pleiades

A Japanese company called Pleiades is the developer of this iPhone dock called the Trumstand. It looks like the device is the world's first iPhone dock that boasts a horn shaped speaker made of brass.

The company's website states that the device does not make use of any type of electronics to be able to amplify the sound. Instead it is based on natural acoustics of the horn-like speaker. The base of the device is actually a sound box that captures the sound emitted from the iPhone's speakers. The device is made of a thick alloy in order to minimize external vibrations and thus provide clearer sound. From the box, the sound is transmitted to the horn-like speaker. It should be mentioned that this is a rather expensive device. The gold version is priced at 150,800 yen (about $2,000), while the silver one at 138,000 yen (about $1,800). More….

Yamaha MCR-332

The latest Hi-Fi wonder from the Japanese manufacturer is priced at around 37,000 Yen. The MCR-332 features a new dedicated D/A Converter to offer a better support of audio files located on an USB stick or on an iPad (via USB), iPhone or iPod. The device is equipped with Yamaha's Vibration Control Cabinet Structure (VCCS) technology that practically gets rid of sound-distorting vibrations generated by the speaker cabinet. In addition, the audio gadget has an AM/FM Radio Tuner and a CD player. It measures 180x318.2x118mm and weights 2.95kg. You can also check out Yamaha's other models from the same series, such as MCR-232, MCR-750 and MCR-755.More….

Sony SA-NS500

For those who want a fashionable portable speaker for their MP3 player, Sony has developed the SA-NS500, one of the company's latest innovations. The Japanese tech giant says that its portable speaker includes 4 drivers, a subwoofer and a built-in battery able to hold between 5 and 6 hours. Besides being nice on the outside, the device is also able to show some impressive sound features. The SA-NS500 can generate a 360 degree sound stage, which means that everyone in a room will be able to benefit from the same sound quality. The price of this audio system is $399. More….

Geneva Lab Sound System Model XS

This year the Swiss company Geneva Lab, which focuses on high-end audio systems, has unveiled what it claims to be the world's first portable audio system that boasts true hi-fi sound. The Geneva Sound System Model XS is available in three colors - black, red and white. The gadget is collapsible, which makes it very easy for the user to carry it anywhere. The system is composed of a digital amplifier, stereo speakers, and boasts a bass response below 80Hz. In addition, one may find a built-in FM tuner and Bluetooth connectivity that makes it possible for smartphone users to connect their handsets to the sound system. To be able to attach external sound sources, the developers added a 3.5 mm line-in cable. The Geneva Model XS wears a price tag of $249.95. More….

iHome iP4 Stereo Boombox

Retro lovers will definitely appreciate this nice-looking iP4 Stereo Boombox from iHome. Users can connect their iPhone or iPod to the system and benefit from a quality sound. It would be interesting to note that the iHome is the first iPhone/iPod Dock firm that developed speaker system in such a style. One of the most impressive features of the device is its LCD display that shows a 5 band graphic equalizer. The stereo boombox includes 5 adjustable EQ sliders, 4-inch carbon composite woofers and a 1-inch ferro fluid cooled tweeter with an output of 15 watt. One will also be able to discover an FM radio and an aux line-in jack. It comes with a magnetic remote control. You can buy the system for $199. More…

Logitech Z906

The Z906 system is composed of five 67-watt surround sound speakers and a 165-watt subwoofer, with the total power of the system reaching 500 watts.

There're also a digital and analog inputs, a remote control and a control console. Logitech Z906 is able to sync up with a myriad of different sources, including television sets, DVD, DVR, iPod and even game consoles like Xbox 360, PlayStation3 and Wii. The whole system weights 13.3kg and you can acquire it for $399. More…

iNuke Boom iPod Dock

The famous German manufacturer of various professional audio equipment like mixing consoles and guitar amplifiers, Behringer, has unveiled this year an extremely huge iPod and iPhone dock with 10,000 watts of power.

The device is called iNuke Boom. It weights 700 pounds and measures 8ft x 4ft x 4ft. According to the company, this is a limited edition device and it will officially be presented at the CES 2012. So far little information has been given on this dock, but it is know that the iNuke will wear a price tag of $29,999.99.

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