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Top 10 Helpful Robots


We live in a world where technology plays an important role in our life, where machines are created to serve people, helping us in various situations whether it's natural calamities, explorations, security or other.

After publishing the article on the top 10 useless robots we decided to come up with a top 10 list of robots that could really help humanity. It is worth mentioning that all of the robots listed in this article were previously described on our website. Click on the "read more" button to read the full story of each robotic invention.

Robotic Suit that Opens Doors in Collapsed Buildings

Various calamities cause serious destructions and this wearable remote-controlled robot can quickly and safely open doors of structures that collapsed during earthquakes or other disasters by griping and turning the doorknobs. Developed by Japanese engineers, it can be of great help to rescue teams. Read more…

Humanoid Space Robot

The new-gen humanoid machine was created by a team of researchers and engineers from NASA and General Motors. The two companies look forward to develop robots that would carry out two important tasks, i.e. help astronauts in their missions and help engineers manufacture safer vehicles. Read more…

Robot that Does House Chores

Dubbed Mahru-Z, this robot was created by South Korean scientists who wanted to manufacture a machine able to clean your house and wash your clothes. The robot can walk like a human, having robotic arms and legs. Using its 3D vision the machine can also heat food in a microwave and pick up different objects, including the fragile ones, without breaking them. Read more…

Hummingbird Robot

This little robot uses fast wing movements (30 times per second) to be able to stay in the air. Its name comes from its size - the robot is as small as a hummingbird. According to its Japanese inventor, the robot can be used to find people stuck under damaged buildings, help search for criminals and even help scientists explored Mars. Read more…

Advanced Military Robotic Suit

The robotic suit was created by a defense contractor from the United States. Its main goal is to help soldiers carry heavy cargo, which can be a wounded person or ammunition. The robotic suit increases the power of the person wearing it, allowing lifting 90-kilograms-cargo hundreds of times without the person getting tired. Read more…

Robot Protects Children from Cyber Bulling

Dubbed Petimos, the robot serves as a guardian to children who like to surf various social networking websites. With the increase in the number of cyber bulling cases, parents need to be aware of who sends "friend requests" to their kids. Before such message reach their child, it is caught by Petimos, which then informs parents about a new friend request. Read more…

BallP - Robot that Can Balance on a Ball

The BallP (Ball Inverted Pendulum) is a robot that is able to balance on a ball, which allows the machine to easily run in any direction. The robot can be used to help carry heavy objects. You can put a heavy cargo on its head or, in case of a big object, you can use it as a support, holding one side of the object while you hold the other one. Read more…

Family Nanny

This robotic family nanny was developed by Chinese researchers. Among some of its useful features there's its ability to identify gas leaks, call the police, send text messages to the owner in case of emergency. Read more…

Muscle Suit

This robotic muscle suit was developed by researchers from the Tokyo University of Science. It was designed to help the elderly and people with physical disabilities. The suit can also be of great help to factory workers, who regularly have to lift heavy cargos. Read more…

Robotic Hand That Offers Amputees to Sense of Touch

Created by a team of researchers from the Lund University in Sweden and Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna in Italy, the Smart Hand represents a revolutionary robotic prosthesis hand that provides a sense of touch to people who lost a limb, being currently the only device to do so by conveying signals back to the brain. Read more…

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