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Top 10 Latest Inventions of April 2011


Portable Water Cooling Device

This device was created to cool its user when he or she's in a hot location that lacks air conditioning. Dubbed CoolWare, the invention attaches to the user's neck and uses water-cooled air to help them tackle the heat.

It is worth mentioning that the invention was built using anodized aluminum. The water-cooled air, emitted by the device, is produced from 2 refillable chambers located in its arms.

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Glasses to Help Identify Criminals

Special glasses were developed for the Brazilian police to spot troublemakers. The glasses are one of the instruments that will also help authorities during the 2014 World Cup.

Being equipped with special facial recognition technology, these glasses will be able to capture up to 400 facial images each second. All images will be sent to the main computer database.

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High-tech Toilet Seat

Designed and developed by Kohler, this luxury toilet seat that has a number of interesting features such as foot warmer, auxiliary audio input, radio and more.

In addition, the user will be able to control every feature using a special portable touchscreen mini tablet computer. The device costs $6400.

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OLED Panels that Can Change Colors

The color-changing light panels were created by Mitsubishi Chemical Holding Group that worked in collaboration with Verbatim.

The invention, dubbed VALVE, represents the world's first commercial OLED light panels that can change their colors. The light panels can be used at home or office to produce the colors that suit your mood.

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Gadget that Produces Power from Noise

A device that can generate electricity from almost any type of noise was developed by a group of students at the American University of Sharjah. At the moment the team is carrying out trials of their invention.

It would be interesting to note that the invention is able to harness sound power using piezoelectric technology. Interestingly enough, the device can generate power even from ultrasound waves that humans cannot hear.

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New Robotic Exoskeleton for Paraplegics

Dubbed ReWalk, this exoskeleton was developed by Argo Medical Technologies. The company's founder had the goal of creating a device that would help paraplegics to walk and even climb stairs.

The invention is in fact a special suit that features sensors and servomechanisms that use simple body movements in order to help stroke victims and other patients with physical disabilities to stand and walk.

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Mouse System Controlled Using Eyes Only

The author of this invention is a Swedish company called Tobii. Its new eye-control device is called PCEye and covenrt the movement of a user's eyes into a mouse cursor on the monitor.

The central aim of those at Tobii is to better the interactivity for people that suffer from impaired motor skills.

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Gadget that Scans and Translates Words from Books

The device resembles a pen. It incorporates a word and phrase dictionary that allows it to instantly translate words from books, magazines and the like.

All that the user has to do is to place the pen-like device over a word or text and move from left to write to scan it. Afterwards the device instantly offers translation of the text on a small LCD touchscreen.

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RW Blu-ray Disc With 100GB Capacity

Developed by Panasonic, the re-writable Blu-ray disc that boasts a capacity of 100 gigabytes is called the LM-BE100J BDXL.

The invention is made of three layers and covered with special scratch resistant coating. The Company has already started a mass commercialization of its new disk that can currently be found only in Japanese stores.

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Jeans with Built-in Drum Kit

Created by Aseem Mishra, these pair of jeans can be used to play drums, being equipped with eight sensors, each sensors corresponding to a particular sound.

The 17-years-old Aseem from Hymers College in West Hull, UK, managed to win Young Engineer of the Year Award for his drum kit jeans.

One can play the drums anywhere since the pair of jeans can be easily connected to an external speaker or headset.

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