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Top 10 Latest Inventions of August 2010


1. Machine Able to Convert Plastic Into Oil

An engineer and researcher from Blest, a company based in Japan, has come up with a machine able to turn plastic into oil, thus making one more step towards the future in which people will use more renewable energy sources. Akinori Ito's device can be of different sizes and can be used in factories and even at home. Read more…

2. Robot Suit that Helps Elderly Farmers

Prof. Shigeki Toyama of Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology's Graduate School of Engineering together with his colleagues invented a robot suit that elderly farmers can attach to their body and carries out their daily work much easier, being assisted by the machine. The device is called Power Assist and it can be of great help when collecting, for example, grapes. Read more…

3. Toothbrush that Cleans Teeth Without Toothpaste

Scientists from University of Saskatchewan, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, headed by Dr. Kunio Komiyama, a dentistry professor emeritus, managed to develop a toothbrush that creates a solar-powered chemical reaction inside a person's mouth and clean their teeth without using the toothpaste. Read more…

4. Nanotech Tea Bag that Filters Water Using

The tea bad that uses nanotechnology to clean the water was invented by a team of scientists from Stellenbosch University in South Africa. When being put in the drinking cup it is able to clean water from all contaminants and bacteria. Read more…

5. Lamp that Turns Any Table-Top Into 3D Screen

Together with his colleagues Li-Wei Chan, from the National Taiwan University in Taipei, was able to create a desktop lamp that can turn a table-top into an interactive high-res three-dimensional display. Read more…

6. Gadget that Shows Spoken Words on User's Glasses

This device was invented by Kaitlyn Fox, and its goal is to help people who suffer from hearing problems. It includes a microphone and a mini-computer. The device is installed on the user's glasses. It records one's speech and then converts it into text, which is afterwards shown on the glasses. Read more…

7. System that Translates in Real-Time

It is worth mentioning that DARPA has been working on such a system for a long time. After teaming up with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) it finally managed to create 3 different translation systems, all of which are part of the TRANSTAC project. One of the systems has already been tested on Google Nexus One. Read more…

8. Structure that Boosts the Power of Wind Turbines

Kyushu University professor Yuji Ohya and his team invented the Wind Lens to increase the amount of energy that is produced by offshore wind turbines. Their structure resembles a honeycomb and can triple the amount of power generated by the turbines. Read more…

9. Razor Blade Tipped with Synthetic Diamonds

Researchers at Gesellschaft fur Diamantprodukte came up with a diamond-covered razor blade that can last for years and in the near future replace the conventional blades used today. The invention of the German scientists is dubbed Diamaze PSD. Read more…

10. Robotic Arm That Attaches to Wheelchair to Help the Disabled

This robotic arm is called RAPUDA (Robotic Arm for Persons with Upper limb DisAbilities). It is worth mentioning that the device, which can be attached to a wheelchair, can be easily managed by the user. The robot arm boasts a large number of different motions that can help people with certain physical disabilities. Read more…

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realy it is useful and great help to save our environment and our future generation.
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When will all these new technology spread out and be used by countries mostly African countries?I look forward to that day.
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i cannot bear such tooooothbrrrrrushes...
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lisud man da. tsss
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how about your latest medicines' improvement?

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