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Top 10 Latest Inventions of February 2010


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1. Huge Panoramic High-Res Display

German scientists created a panoramic 3.35 by 12 meters, 180-degrees high resolution screen which provides high-quality sound and detailed picture.

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2. Soundproof Panels Made of Latex Membranes

Using soundproof panels made of special latex rubber membrane, one can make his or her home completely noise-proof. The invention was created by scientists from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in Kowloon.

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3 .Software that Captures Sports Games Robotically

Researchers from the Catholic University of Louvain (UCL), in Belgium, developed a system that can completely eliminate the need of a camera crew, being able to film sports games automatically.

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4. Technology that Harnesses Electricity From Fluorescent Light

Developed by Solaroad Technologies Group, LLC, the CubeTube gathers the light from fluorescent illumination in the office and coverts its into power. The photovoltaic electricity generator can be used as a power source for computer workstations.

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5. Small, Handy Ultrasound Scanner

A team of researchers from GE Healthcare came up with this portable ultrasound scanner so doctors could diagnose emergency patients more promptly, which can often be crucial.

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6. Nano-Generators Used in Clothes to Power Gadgets

This invention comes from researchers at the University of California, Berkeley. The energy-scavenging nanofibers can be used in making clothing, which would allow people to use their jackets, for example, to power various devices like cell phones or MP3 players.

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7. See-through Protective Spray-on Liquid Glass

The spray-on liquid glass was created in Turkey and then patented by a German company called Nanopool. Researchers tested the invention at the Saarbrücken Institute for New Materials. They say that it could be used on clothing, bathrooms, tiles, sinks and many other surfaces, making them scratch- and stain-resistant.

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8. System that Conveys Sound Waves Via Teeth

Developed by Sonitus Medical, this medical device, dubbed called SoundBite, represents a new type of hearing system that transmits sound to the inner ear of a person via his or her teeth. The invention could be used to treat Single Sided Deafness.

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9. Water-based Material - Replacement for Plastics

Researchers from the University of Tokyo came up with a new material composed of 98 percent water. They say that their invention could one day replace petroleum-based plastics.

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10. Table that Makes Music Lessons More Fun

This invention was made with one main goal- to make the process of learning music more entertaining. Developed by Jonas Heuer and Jurgen Graef, the Noteput unites three senses - hearing, touch and sight, making music learning much more effective, especially for children.

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