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Top 10 Latest Inventions of February 2011


Best Invention of 2011.

BrainDriver - Tech that Helps Control a Car Using the Power of Mind

Raul Rojas, an AI professor at the Freie Universitat Berlin, has come up with a technology that allows the driver to control a vehicle by using the power of mind. He entitled his invention simply BrainDriver.

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MEME-CAM - Tiny Camera for Everyday Use

A popular Japanese firm Thanko invented a very small camera for everyday use and named it MEME-CAM. The camera measures 30x27x27mm, and its weight is just 11 grams.

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Bicycle that Cleans Water

Another Japanese company called Nippon Basic Co. invented a bicycle that can purify water. The company says that its latest invention could be used in disaster zones and different remote regions worldwide. The current goal, however, is to start the production of the bicycle in Bangladesh.

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Prosthetic Limb Controlled Using the Power of Mind

This invention became a real breakthrough in the field. The user can control it using their mind power. Scientists from the Northwestern University in the United States have already tested their invention. Currently they look forward to making the device more flexible.

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Device that Informs the Man When His Woman is Cheating

Chastity Garter is an invention that came from Britain where a couple decided that it would be really useful to create a garter that would inform a man if his woman is cheating on him. The couple's invention became very popular.

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Japanese Humanoid Robot for the Elderly

Developed by researchers from the Information and Robot Technology division at Tokyo University this robot aims at helping the elderly living in Japan.

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Animal-Like Robot that Helps Carry Cargo in Warzones

Boston Dynamics is the firm that signed a contract with DARPA to build a fast animal-like machine called Cheetah. The robot will be able to carry equipment for troops.

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Robot that Gives Golf Lessons

RoboPutt is in fact a vending machine that gives 5 minute lessons to everyone who enjoys golf and wants to learn more. One lesson is priced at $5.

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Robotic Hummingbird Equipped with Tiny Camera

AeroVironment is the author of a device called "Nano Hummingbird." The unmanned aircraft system flaps its two wings to fly in any direction and carry its own power source.

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Glass that Produces Electricity

For some time the engineers from New Energy Technologies have been developing windows that can make use of sunlight to generate electricity. Recently they presented their latest development - a working 1-square-foot see-through glass prototype that can generate electricity.

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