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Top 10 Latest Inventions of July and August 2011


Best Invention of 2011.

PC Mouse and Scanner in One

A computer mouse that doubles as a nice portable scanner is the latest innovation brought by LG. The title actually says it all - the device is a computer mouse called LSM-100 and it can be used to scan pages that are up to A3 size. READ MORE…

Device that Makes Chairs from Plastic Waste

"Studio Swine" is a company set up by a team of graduate students from the Royal College of Art. They managed to develop a device dubbed "Sea Chair" that makes use of plastic waste to create usable plastic chairs. READ MORE…

Mirror Able to Calculate Heart Rate

Invented by another group of students (this time from the MIT Media Lab) the high-tech mirror can actually estimate the heart rate of the person facing it. Called the Cardiocam Mirror, the invention was unveiled at the SIGGRAPH 2011.READ MORE…

Sand Bricks Created with the Help of CO2

Several researchers from a construction and design company based in Japan have come up with a way of making strong bricks in an extremely short amount of time. These bricks can be used to build in a very short time homes in areas that suffered from natural disasters. READ MORE…

Printing Paper that Can Be Reused 260 Times

Scientists from Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute came up with an e-paper that can be used to print information on it, erase and reprint the content as much as 260 times. Dubbed the i2R e-Paper the paper represents a plastic film covered with cholestric liquid crystals. READ MORE…

Robotic Nurse

The robotic nurse was developed with the goal of helping caregivers with their daily job. The machine is called RIBA II, which stands for Robot for Interactive Body Assistance and it can be used to lift patients from bed and bring them to a wheelchair, and vice-versa. READ MORE…

Smartphone App that Identifies Malaria

Lifelens is the company that decided to collaborate with a Harvard Business School student Cy Khormaee to create a smartphone application that can help diagnose malaria. The duo came up with both hardware and software for the app that works on handsets running Windows Mobile Phone 7. The system reads blood samples placed on the lens of a phone and analyzes it for malaria - the technique is similar to that used by traditional microscope. READ MORE…

Solution that Makes Garments Bacteria-Free Forever

A team of scientists at the University of Georgia, led by Dr Jason Locklin, was able to develop a spray-on solution that makes garments completely and forever germs free. The new-generation microbial treatment can be applied on any type of clothing. READ MORE…

Solar-Powered 3D Printing Device Turns Sand into Glass

Markus Kayser developed a machine that makes use of solar cells and a 3D printer to make glassware out of sand. To test his device the graduate student decided to visit the Sahara desert where he used the Egyptian sand to make different glass forms out of it. READ MORE…

Touchscreen Car Window

This is the invention of a team of designers from the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design who collaborated with engineers from Toyota. The duet named their back-seat touchscreen window technology "Windows of the World". It would be interesting to note that the technology turns the back seat window of a vehicle into an interactive see-through touchscreen. READ MORE…

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