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Top 10 Latest Inventions of November 2010


Pills Equipped with Microchip for Health Monitoring

Novartis AG is a Swiss company that came up with the idea of creating and launching into the market pills with a hidden microchip. These pills will be able to collect health information on the person who administered them.

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3D Printer that Makes Big Objects

Today nearly all 3D printers are able to print out somewhat small objects but Shapeways, a Dutch firm, thought about acquiring a three-dimensional printer (also known as selective laser sintering machine) that is able to pop out objects twice the size of what other 3D printers are able to create.

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Material that Holds Huge Amount of Holographic Data

Having the goal of obtaining a very high holographic quality, scientists from the University of Arizona decided to invent a material that can store a huge amount of holographic information and display 3D images with a 2sec refresh rate.

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Speed Camera Able to Spot 5 Violations at Once

This camera was invented by scientists and engineers from the European Commission. So far the device is in the development stage, but, when built, it will be able to detect 5 different violations on the road simultaneously.

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Cake Printer that Pops Out Cake Decorations

Dubbed Cricut Cake Printer, the device allows anyone to make a large variety of cake decorations at home. With this cake printer popping out decorations for you cake will be possible with just a push of a button.

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Device that Turns Methane into Electricity

With the help of an anaerobic digester, a Chinese firm, specializing in dairy products, is now able to transform methane from cow manure into power.

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Technique that Tells One's Age by a Blood Drop

Scientists working at Erasmus MC, a university hospital from Rotterdam, the Netherlands, were able to develop a method that allows telling a person's age by just one drop of blood.

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Touchscreen Made of Ice

A team from the famous Finnish cell phone manufacturer, Nokia, decided to set up an ice touchscreen. Built from a 25-centimeter-thick river ice, and weighting 1 ton, this is the world's first touchscreen made from ice.

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Camera that Captures Scenes Hidden from the View

Using a special technology, where the major player is light, researchers from MIT were able to develop a camera that can recreate the scene hidden around the corner.

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Vending Machine that Knows What People Want

A company from Japan decided to test a vending machine that uses special technology to quickly study the approaching customer and then suggest the drinks he or she may like.

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