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Top 10 Latest Inventions of November 2011


Best Invention of 2011.

1. Gold-Covered Washable Textile

Invented by a group of scientists from Switzerland, this is the world's first gold cloth that is very durable and washable. It can be worn as a tie and the team is looking forward to market its invention that will take the form of a tie wearing 8 grams and costing around $8,500.

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2. World's Stickiest Adhesive Tape

This invention is the brainchild of researchers from the Zoological Institute at the University of Kiel in Germany who came up with the idea of creating a new-generation adhesive tape after analyzing numerous ceiling-walking insects. The bonding strength of the new tape is so high that even an adult can attach it to a ceiling and hand on to it without tearing it apart. In addition, the tape can be reused numerous times.

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3. Ballistic Clipboard

Police officers always carry clipboards with them, which is why IMPACT Armor Technologies decided to invent a clipboard able to protect the police from bullets, knives attacks and more.

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4. Ultraviolet Water Purifier

Developed by specialists at Philips Lighting the new-gen device is meant to purify water, getting rid of various chemicals that could be hazardous for your health. The invention is called InstantTrust and the most interesting thing about it is that it kills bacteria instantly, plus the device can be used anywhere. In addition, InstantTrust can be used at any water temperature.

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5. Robotic Pillow Solves Snoring Issues

Designed and created by researchers from Tokyo's Waseda University, the device called Jukusui-Kun (which means "deep sleep") takes the form of a polar bear. With its help people suffering from snoring problems and those who live with them will be able to deal with the issue. When the robot hears a person snore, it raises its paw and gently touches the face of the sleeper. Thus the machine help the person turn their sleeping position and prevent further snoring.

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6. mPowerPad: All-in-One Charger, Lamp and Ultrasonic Insect Repellent

This apparatus was developed by Third Wave Power. It incorporates a mobile phone charger (the charging is made USB ports), radio, flashlight and reading lamp. In addition, the mPowerPad helps you get rid of insects since it features an ultrasonic insect-repelling technology.

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7. Tech that Converts Objects Into Computer Interface

Dubbed Invoke Computing, the new technology developed by those at the University of Tokyo allows turning almost any object into a computer interface communication device. One of the developers said that when a user makes a gesture, the system identifies it as a message that says "I want to use the phone" and projects a telephone on a selected surface.

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8. Robot that Works Autonomously Using Kinect

Researchers at Yaskawa Electric, the firm that nowadays holds the biggest share of the industrial robot market, are developing the next-generation robot dubbed SmartPal VII. With the help of Kinect motion capture system it is possible to operate the robot remotely from any location. During the presentation of the machine, the developers showed how it is possible to clean the house with SmartPal VII from one location, while the robot itself was found in another.

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9. Robotic Guide Dog

This invention was developed by a group of researchers at NSK Corporation and the University of Electro-Communications. Their four-legged robotic dog runs of 8 wheels and can climb stairs. But the most interesting thing is the goal: the robot was created to play the role of a guide dog for visually impaired.

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10. ExoPC Multitouch Table

ExoPC has presented its multitouch table in an online video. Currently there's very little information on the device but after the official presentation that will take place at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2012 more details will be unveiled. If you click "Read more" you will be taken to the article with the video of the desk.

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