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Top 10 Tech Inventions Made of LEGO


LEGO Street Car

Created by Mark Crosbie, the LEGO Street Car represents a smaller version of a Google Street View vehicle. It is equipped with a GPS sensor and four cameras for taking images.

With the help of NXTBeee, the vehicle sends to the receiver data on Battery level and GPS Coordinates.

The information on current coordinates can be uploaded to a computer and via Google Earth the user can view the path that the car traveled along with the images captured on the way.

R/C LEGO Jawa Sandcrawler from Star Wars

The famous LEGO artist known as Marshal Banana brought us the Jawa Sandcrawler from Star Wars built of 10,000 pieces.

The most interesting thing about this LEGO invention is that it is remotely-controlled. Besides being able to move the vehicle, the user can also remotely raise and lower the front ramp and even operate its crane.

Another interesting feature is the ability to activate the interior conveyor belt. The artist needed over 9 months to finish the Jawa Sandcrawler.

LEGO Pinball Machine

Mark Gryn and Michael entitled their LEGO invention Lego TXT. The pinball machine was built using over 8,000 LEGO pieces and it makes use of 6 NXT robots, 9 touch sensors, 10 light sensors and 4 motors.

The two authors of this device say there were inspired by a machine created by Gerrit Bronsveld and Martijn Boogaarts.

The only part of the device that is not made of LEGO blocks is the steel ball. The entire programming was carried out with the help of NXT-G programming language.

Giant Robotic LEGO Chess Set

Developed by a team of LEGO enthusiasts, the set called Monster Chess represents a mix of LEGO and robotic pieces able to move independently.

To be able to create the set, the four members of the team spent about a year and used over 100,000 LEGO pieces. The chess board boasts an area of 156 square feet. Steve Hassenplug, a LEGO specialist, was the one that directed the entire process, while LEGO was the official sponsor.

LEGO MINDSTORMS XT technology represents a sophisticated system that makes it possible to build a LEGO robot. This technology was used in this chess set that can be controlled by 2 users, 2 computers or a machine and a human.

LEGO Robot Outfitted with Nokia Handset and Controlled via Twitter

One of the most impressive submissions at Nokia's PUSH N900 competition, in which teams had to come up with original approaches in using the Maemo smartphone, was a LEGO robot called Niko.

The robot works with the help of the popular microblogging website Twitter. It is worth mentioning that the robot is made of LEGO pieces from the Mindstorm NXT 2.0 kit. Niko is equipped with the Nokia phone, makes use of Twitter API in order to check for instructions posted on an account opened for the project.

Commands posted on this account can activate a 5 megapixel camera of the Maemo smartphone, to take pictures or move the robot around the room.

Giant LEGO BlackBerry Headset with Flat-Screen TV

Nathan Sawaya is another LEGO enthusiast that used LEGO pieces to create a 5-foot-tall BlackBerry Tour 9360 headset and equip it with a flat-screen television set.

From the image you can see that LEGO pieces accurately wrap the TV. The New-York artist said that the device can be used to play video games.

It would be interesting to note that to create the giant LEGO "phone", Mr. Sawaya, required not only standard pieces but also blocks developed by commission.

LEGO Airbus A380 Controlled Via Touchscreen Control Panel

The author of this detailed replica of Airbus A380 is Ryan McNaught. The LEGO plane boasts detailed interior and one can even spot some resemblances with various movie scenes.

The plane also has a number of landing gears and 8 Mindstorm NXT engines. The latter can be controlled via a touchscreen control panel.

The touchscreen controls allow the user to retract gears, activate cargo doors, raise the air brakes, switch on the landing lights and move the tail fin and the flaps.

Device Made of LEGO Robot and Motorola Droid Solves Rubik's Cube

David Gilday, is the author of a LEGO robot that solved the 3x3x3 Rubik's Cube in 24 seconds. His invention is made of Lego NXT pieces and works in cooperation with Motorola Droid.

All the moves of the LEGO robot are registered by the smartphone's camera and displayed on its LED screen. During the whole process Motorola's headset is used to scan the cube.

To create the machine, Gilday had to come up with a custom application for the Motorola Droid. The next step involved building a LEGO robot.

Gilday's machine also managed to set a record time of 38 minutes and 53 seconds when solving a 7x7x7 Rubik's Cube.

LEGO Printer

LEGO pieces were also used to make a printer that uses a felt-tip pen to write on a paper virtually anything you want.

Dubbed "Lego felt tip 110" the printer is connected to an Apple Mac and was developed from scratch.

A YouTuber that holds the nickname "horseattack" is the author of this exclusive invention. He mentioned that everything, including analog motor electronics, sensors and a printer driver was made using LEGO parts from different kits.

LEGO Paper Plane Launcher from Forbidden Lego

The instructions to building this LEGO device are given in a book called Forbidden Lego. The paperback allows LEGO lovers to dodge the rules and think out of the box.

Step-by-step instructions are easily understandable, which allows virtually anyone to build creative works like this paper plane launcher.

The book will help you build various things like a candy catapult, ping-pong cannon, an all-terrain vehicle, and more using LEGO pieces in combination with different household materials, including rubber bands, glue and plastic spoons.


LEGO and Mercedes Create Largest Model from the Technic Line

As a bonus to the article on some of the most impressive inventions created using LEGO pieces we bring you the biggest model from the Technic Line - a vehicle that was created tanks to the collaboration between LEGO and Mercedes.

The multi-purpose truck is a replica of the Unimog U 400, which Mercedes called "the world's most versatile workhorse."

Made at a scale of 1:12.5, the truck was made of 2048 parts and boasts a large number of applications, including a pneumatically operated crane gripper arm and electrically controlled turntable that allows the crane to rotate almost 360 degrees. In addition, the front of the vehicle can be transformed into a snow plow.

It would worthy of noting that the launch of this model marks 60 years since the launch of the first real Unimog.

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