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Top 6 High-tech Dresses


Every woman wants to look beautiful and modern, which is why designers always try to make something original for women to wear on different occasions. However, some designers take the term "modern" too far beyond imagination. This is when high-tech dresses appear and some of the most original are presented in this article.

M-Dress that Works as Cell Phone

Dubbed the M-Dress, which stands for Mobile Phone Dress, this garment was developed by CuteCircuit, a London-based company that focuses on wearable technology and interactive fashion. The firm's M-Dress can be used to make phone calls using a SIM card and an antenna embedded in its hem. The slot for the SIM card is located beneath the clothing label.

However, the most interesting things of this dress made from slinky silk jersey are the incorporated motion sensors and gesture recognition software. In order to answer or make a phone call the wearer simply has to lift their wrist and to hand up just lower the hand.

Solar Dress that Recharges Gadgets

This dress can be used to charge portable device such as MP3 player for example. This is made via a USB charger found in the waist. It would be interesting to note that some parts of the dress were created by a group of researchers from Cornell University's Textiles Nanotech Laboratory. The team worked in collaboration with two Italian universities to come up with special cotton threads able to conduct electrical currents, while remaining lightweight and comfy for the wearer.

This solar dress was design by Abbey Liebman, student at Fiber Science and Apparel Design faculty of Cornell University. To create a conductive material, scientists invented a method that allows continuously coat ordinary cotton fibers with semiconductor polymers and nanoparticles. The thickness of their coating is less than 100 nanometers, which means that cotton remains quite flexible. According to the researchers, simple knots in the thread are able to complete a circuit.

In the near future the team hopes to make use of their invention for other applications, including developing a pillowcase that can monitor brain waves and a T-shirt able to estimate the wearer's heart rate and breathing.

Color-changing Bubelle Dress Reveals Your Mood

Bubelle Dress is the name of another high-tech dress that is composed of two layers. The inner layer features biometric sensors that analyze the wearer's emotions and show them in form of different colors projected onto the outer layer.

The dress is the brainchild of researchers at Philips. It functions by analyzing physical alterations linked with different feelings. For example, stress, arousal, or fear are linked with body temperature and sweat that change the colors of the dress. Thus, when a person is stressed the color of the dress becomes green and when the wearer is calm the dress turns green.

It would be interesting to note that Time magazine named the dress the best fashion invention of the year.

Galaxy Dress Glows Using Thousands of LEDs

The Galaxy Dress is another creation of those at CuteCircuit. The garment can be used to show various advertising messages on itself, being equipped with 24,000 colorful flat, extra-thin LEDs, each measuring 2 x 2 millimeters. Powered by batteries, which most people use in their iPods, the Galaxy Dress can glow from 30 minutes to an hour.

The combination of all LEDs leads to a hypnotizing light that "flows" through the entire dress. In order to generate a more eye-catching effect, researchers decided to disperse the light, which is why they added four layers of silk chiffon and 4,000 Swarovski crystals. The latter extend the effect of glitter when LEDs soften their light.

The heaviest part of the clothing is the 40-layer pleated silk organza crinoline, which researchers applied to give the skirt its flounce.

Climate Dress Reacts to CO2 in the Air

Created by Diffus, a design firm based in Denmark, the Climate Dress is equipped with hundreds of LEDs and by making use of carbon dioxide detector, each LED bulb on the dress responds to CO2 in the air.

The dress is able to turn the data to hand-stitched lights using conductive embroidery. Powered by an Arduino Lilypad microprocessor, the tech involved in the garment makes LEDs shine brighter or dimmer, depending on the amount of carbon dioxide in the air.

Intimacy Dress Becomes Transparent When a Man Approaches

Designed by Studio Roosegaarde and V2_Lab, this dress is both futuristic and sexy. When someone approaches the dress can become transparent.

The intimacy Dress features electrically-sensitive foils that alter the level of their transparency according to the intensity of the current.

The designers created two types of Intimacy Dress - white and black. The Intimacy Blackdress turns transparent when a man comes closer, while the Intimacy White becomes transparent when its wearer interacts with the dress.

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