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Toshiba Announced the Release Date of Mobile Devices Powered By Methanol Fuel Cell


In March 2009 Toshiba Corp will launch its new mobile devices that will feature direct methanol fuel cells. The information was provided by a company's representative at CREATEC JAPAN 2008.

It is worth mentioning that at earlier exhibitions Toshiba presented the prototype of the new device, but CREATEC is the exhibition where the company for the first time announced the actual release date.

The visitors of Toshiba's booth on the exhibition were able to observe a prototype of a mobile device that was based on an au-branded handset, dubbed W55T. The gadget featured a direct methanol fuel cell. According to the developers, methanol fuel in their device is charged through a dedicated cartridge.

The gadget's Li-ion secondary battery uses the fuel cell to recharge itself. When the cartridge for fuel is full, the phone's battery life increases by almost two times if compared to using only the secondary battery.

The cell phone can be recharged 10 times if the 50ml cartridge is full with 99.5% methanol. Although the cartridge has a current price of several hundreds of yen, the company hopes to reduce it to 100 yen (about $0.94).

One of the future goals of the company is to integrate fuel cell into its digital cameras, laptops and other devices. Toshiba looks forward to use a single type of cartridge to power different products that include a fuel cell.

Source: Tech-ON!

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